Listen, [Romney’s] had a tough couple of weeks, let’s be honest. I mean, I’m not going to sit here and come on this morning and sugarcoat the last couple weeks. They’ve been tough. But here’s the great news for Republicans: We have a candidate who is going to do extraordinarily well on Wednesday night, the first time he has the opportunity to stand on the same stage as the President of the United States. And the first time a majority of the people who are going to vote in this race will have an opportunity to make that direct comparison. And when they do, I’ve seen Mitt Romney do this before, he’s going to come in Wednesday night, he’s going to lay out his vision for America. He’s going to contrast his view with what the president’s record is and the president’s view for the future. And this whole race is going to turn upside down come Thursday morning.

In the wake of the drubbing Romney just delivered to President Obama, I can’t think a better way to describe tonight’s contest. Christie was right. This whole race has indeed been turned upside down.