But my friends at another opinion venture with which I am actually involved made the point to me this morning that I mentioned practically every opinion journal in the world except our own. So, for the record, I want to say that I am very proud to serve as Chairman of the Editorial Committee at Democracy: A Journal of Ideas. I left any reference to Democracy out of the column because of what might be seen an excess of fastidiousness. But Democracy is so much in keeping with the kind of journal I was describing (and has done so much innovative work) that I now think it was a mistake not to refer to it — especially since I did mention one of its main rivals on the right, National Affairs. In light of the theme of my column, it’s also worth mentioning that Democracy’s editor and my friend, Michael Tomasky, once served as a very effective editor at The American Prospect.

This is a field in which we want a thousand flowers to bloom, and Democracy is one of the bright ones. And the lesson for a columnist is that you can sometimes over-think things too much!