Have you received an apology yet from Anthony Weiner? If not, you haven’t been listening.

He apologized to his wife: “I am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife, Huma.”

He apologized to the young woman he sent the lewd photo to on Twitter: “We exchanged some text messages, mostly for me to express my abject apologies for how she got dragged into this.”

He even apologized to his main tormenter, the conservative publisher of BigGovernment.com: “I apologize to Andrew Breitbart.”

Anybody left out? “Everyone that I misled — everyone in the media, my staff, the people that I — that I lied to about this — they all deserve an apology. . . All of you who were misled, the people who I lied to, I have an apology for all of them.”

In all, Weiner spoke of an apology or apologizing or being apologetic 19 times in his news conference during which he finally came clean — or partially clean — about his rude behavior with women in social media. He offered up the word “sorry” 11 times, expressed “regret” 18 times, spoke of his responsibility 14 times, and used various and sundry other expressions of shame and remorse.

Regrets were offered to “my constituents, my friends, supporters and staff,” to “the many people that put so much faith and confidence in me,” to “the people I care about most.”

He even apologized when apologies were not requested — but when they were easier than a direct response.

“Are you a sex addict?” one questioner posed.

“I did a regrettable thing, and for that I apologize.”

Did he violate his oath of office?

“What I did was something that demonstrated a very deep personal failing, and that’s why I’m here to apologize.”

Apologies would have to suffice when answers were elusive. “If you’re looking for some kind of deep explanation for it, I simply don’t have one except that I’m very — except that I’m sorry,” he said.

By the end of this sorry episode, Weiner had apologized to everybody but the hotel staff at the New York Sheraton, where he gave his regretathon — although, technically, they were covered by one of his blanket apologies. “Look,” he said. “I believe that everyone deserves an apology here.”