After Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) declared tax increases “off the table” on the Today Show this morning, he went on to make another mistake. This one involving Donald Trump.

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When asked by Matt Lauer if he were surprised by all the attention Trump received (before it all imploded nearly two weeks ago), Boehner said, “There are a lot of good candidates out there. Donald Trump would be one of them, maybe. He hasn’t said if he’s running.” Wrong. Trump is not a good candidate.

Trump’s embrace of the racist birther conspiracy was an unprincipled and craven cry for attention. And, boy, did he get it. But now that President Obama has released his long-form birth certificate and delivered Osama bin Laden his death certificate, Trump’s in the dumps. Polls from Quinnipiac and Marist show Trump support plummeting. Today, Public Policy Polling declared bluntly, “Trump collapses.” One can only hope that this spells the end of Trump’s tiresome faux campaign for president.