Tonight will be Chris Christie’s big night on center stage. The New Jersey governor will deliver the keynote address of the Republican National Convention and, for many, it will be their first time seeing the Garden Stater in action. It will be a chance for him to broaden his image. For if folks know or have read anything about Christie, the words “combative” and “bully” were sure to follow. And judging by my own experience, they are deserved.

Back in February, Christie was on “Morning Joe.” He was asked about his veto of a same-sex marriage bill when he made the specious assertion that he and President Obama had the same stance (then) on marriage equality. I was put-off and tearing my hair out over what he was saying. So, they put me at a separate camera and, well, watch for yourself.

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Christie: Jonathan, first of all, I used to be a prosecutor so I’m not going to be cross-examined by you this morning. Secondly . . .
Capehart: I’m having fun trying.
Christie: And you’re going to lose, so let’s just move on.
Capehart: I would love for you to answer the question . . .

By no means am I the only journalist to get Christie Creamed. His testy interactions with the press made me wonder aloud whether he really wanted to be chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate. And now we know from the New York Post that Christie had his doubts about whether the Republican ticket would win.

But it should also be pointed out that Christie has not limited his rhetorical rage to reporters. Just ask Gail, a New Jersey caller who had the temerity to ask him if his children went to public school. “It’s none of your business,” the governor bluntly told her. With his debut on the national stage tonight, it will be all of our business. You got a problem with that?