With all that’s going on in the world, the story that sent me into full eye-roll fury was the one about Charlie Sheen’s high-speed police escort from Dulles International Airport. And while I’m happy Police Chief Cathy Lanier has referred the matter to internal affairs, her decidedly weak response to this episode left me cold. It makes me wonder how thorough the investigation will be and whether the person or people who authorized this Sheenscapade will be held accountable.

But there’s another, more serious question to ponder: What does this episode say about the culture of the Metropolitan Police Department? What does it say about order and discipline in the ranks when two marked police cars could be used for this purpose? And why is Lanier issuing bland statements to the Associated Press rather than being more vocal and more public in her outrage — assuming she is. Mayor Gray, do you have anything to say other than you didn’t approve it?

Maybe my outrage is owed to my tabloid newspaper upbringing. Or that I’m a New York snob, as my colleague Jo-Ann Armao likes to tease. (At least I think she’s teasing.) Or maybe it’s because I’m used to mayors and police chiefs who know how to show visceral outrage at the waste of police resources and taxpayer money.