The New York Times/CBS News poll puts the approval rating for Congress at a stunning nine percent. Nine! It’s so laughable that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) quipped via Twitter, “We’re down to paid staffers and blood relatives.” And the only thing keeping those two groups in line is their financial and/or emotional dependence on said member of Congress. I’m not going to chew up a lot of pixels pontificating again on the deficiencies of Washington, particuarly the legislative branch. The lede of this story from today’s Post says it all.

This is how badly broken Congress’s budget process has become: A Democrat and a Republican in the Senate have jointly proposed the radical idea that if Congress can’t come up with a budget by April 15 — a legal deadline now routinely blown — the national legislature would simply shut down.

No other bills would be considered. No post offices named, no judges confirmed. Congress wouldn’t even be able to abandon Washington and go home on recess.

What’s not to like?