Comparatively speaking, this was one snoozer of a week. No hidden video. No shots of wacky delegates. No announcement of a running mate. There was that awkward moment at an Ohio rally when Mitt Romney attempted to turn chants of “Ryan! Ryan!” into “Romney-Ryan! Romney-Ryan!” And there was that acme-esque bomb drawing of Bibi Netanyahu’s yesterday. But still.

Instead, we were treated this week to poll after poll — national and swing state — showing President Obama winning over voters, more changes in political tactics from Romney and more visits to media outlets (read The View and The Tonight Show) that aren’t the White House press corps or the national. Oh, there were the dueling “60 Minute” interviews that kicked off the week. But still.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, holds a graphic of a bomb while discussing Iran. (Mario Tama/GETTY IMAGE)