Having just celebrated Thanksgiving, it’s only fitting that this was the week of the turkey. The biggest gobbler was the supercommittee. It couldn’t come to an agreement on a plan to slash the deficit by $1.2 trillion. Newt Gingrich was another big turkey. His Rick Perry “have a heart” position on immigration at Tuesday’s debate won’t go over well with Republican primary voters. Dismissively telling Occupy Wall Streeters to “get a job right after you take a bath”didn’t go over well with everyone else. And Herman Cain was a jive turkey (that’s right, I said it!) for claiming that because he’s “a descendant of slaves” he can get enough blacks to vote Republican to whisk the White House back into GOP hands.

As you will soon see I’ve just given you an answer on this week’s p-Op quiz. But that’s okay. ‘Tis the beginning of the season of giving. Might as well get started.