After his lackluster performance at Wednesday’s debate, I was very close to putting President Obama’s visage on a milk carton until I saw his feisty, energized and pointed performance at a Denver campaign rally the next day. As for Mitt Romney, I’m still trying to figure out how he’s going to lower tax rates by 20 percent and not “under any circumstances raise the taxes on middle-income Americans” to pay for it. Perhaps he thought if he repeated that assertion enough folks would ultimately believe it to be true.

Meanwhile, The Daily Caller played the race card with a five-year-old video of an Obama speech that was widely reported at the time. A Romney surrogate called the president “lazy” during a television interview yesterday. And Teddy Roosevelt finally won the President’s Race at Nationals Park on the same day the Washington Nationals clinched for the first time a playoff berth on their way to the World Series.

Mitt Romney poses for a photo with workers as he makes an unscheduled stop at a Chipotle restaurant in Denver, Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012. (Charles Dharapak/AP)