An aide to Mitt Romney uttered a phrase that perfectly reflects the mood of the past seven days: “Kiss my a$$.” That’s what Great Britain said to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee after his comments about London’s readiness for the Olympic Games. That’s what the Tea Party told the Republican establishment in Texas with Ted Cruz’s victory. That’s Mike Huckabee told those angered by the president of Chick-fil-A’s comments on same-sex marriage with his “Chick-fil-A appreciation day.” That’s what Romney told reporters and anyone else repeatedly asking him to release more years of his tax returns. That’s what Judge Kenneth Lester told the killer of Trayvon Martin with his decision not to recuse himself from the second-degree murder case. That’s what Sen. John McCain said to former Vice President Cheney about his criticismof Sarah Palin.

The list is endless. But the p-Op quiz is not. So, sharpen your pixels and get crackin’.