Just when you thought Vice President “put y’all back in chains”Biden won the award for the rhetorical speed bump of the campaign season enter Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.). His outrageous utterance of “legitimate rape” during a television interview last weekend united the Republican establishment against him, derailed for another week Mitt Romney’s desire to talk about the economy and gave Democrats hope that all was not lost for incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill. We’re going to be talking about this, er, legitimate issue for quite a while.

Of course, other things were going on. The all-male Augusta National Golf Club is now the almost-all male golf club with the addition of Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore. Zero percent of African Americans polled by NBC News-Wall Street Journal expressed support for Mitt Romney. And everything Prince Harry did in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas. If anything else of note happened it might be on the p-Op quiz. The only way to find out is to sharpen your pixels and get crackin’.