This was the week of post-first-debate drama, post-veep-debate navel gazing and tons of advice for the fellas on both tickets, whether they wanted it or not. This was the week ABC News’s Martha Raddatz upheld the honor of the profession by conducting a debate with a firm hand that everyone should be proud of. And this was the week of rebounding polls for Mitt Romney and then President Obama.

On the lighter side, this was the week of the wacky photo for each member of the Republican ticket. There was that quirky photo of Romney and a surprised little girl. But just when I thought nothing could top that one, one appears of Paul Ryan. Yesterday, Time magazine revealed photos of the Republican vice presidential nominee hat were taken when he was up for “Person of the Year” last year. The brainiac budget wonk from Wisconsin looked like the jock version of Screech from “Saved by the Bell.”

There’s nothing left to say except, sharpen your pixels and get crackin’.