It certainly was a grind of a week for Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. He had to endure a recall vote. He survived. It certainly was a grind of a week for unions and progressives. They lost their fight with Walker and had to endure all sorts of talk about their relevance. And it certainly was a grind of a week for President Obama. He had to endure off-message incoming from former President Clinton, Ed Rendell and Larry Summers.We’ll find out in five months if he survives.

But there were other noteworthy happenings this week. Mitt Romney raised $16 million more than Obama in the last quarter. Two judges in two different cases ruled the so-called Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. And Donald Trump threatened to sue Miss Pennsylvania after she handed in her crown and charged that the Miss USA pageant, which she lost, was fixed. With that, sharpen your pixels and get crackin’.