“Stupid people are ruining America,” said Herman Cain this week. Truer words have never been spoken by the former front runner for the Republican nomination. Stupid people would have us believe they are good Samaritans, not deeply flawed men with four accusations of sexual harassment lodged against them who were revealed to have given money to and communicated at all hours of the day and night over the course of thirteen years with a woman who the wife doesn’t know about. Stupid people would have us believe they are just acting as citizens, not as former speakers-turned-lobbyists meeting with lawmakers to discuss policy and legislation that would help clients of their for-profit companies. Stupid people would have us believe they are ideologically consistent outsiders who have spent their entire lives in the private sector, not career politicians whose ideological promiscuity is plainly apparent.

But you are not stupid. You will ace this week’s p-Op quiz. It’s a 10-question extravaganza that I hope will have you LOL’ing in your office, cubicle or on public transportation. So, have at it.