There’s a great scene in that camp classic “Valley of the Dolls” when stage star Helen Lawson gets up-and-coming Neely O’Hara booted from her show. “The only hit that comes out of a Helen Lawson show is Helen Lawson,” she says with wild eyes and important hair, “and that’s ME, baby, remember?” Pity Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney doesn’t have that kind of moxie.

This was the week of the Republican jamboree, a convention whose speakers treated the presidential nominee as an afterthought. Maybe that’s not a bad thing since Mitt Romney is the least popular nominee of a presidential party in 30 years. But there’s so much GOP talent here that everyone who stepped to the microphone couldn’t help but turn it into an audition for 2016 at the expense of the fella who’s got the gig for 2012.