The jailhouse phone calls between George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin, and his wife are quite something to hear. There’s lots of scheming over money transfers and paying bills. There are the concerns about their personal safety. And then there are the little affections — “you little cutie” -- expressed that make sense to the person saying them and appreciated by the one on the other end that might make an eavesdropper uncomfortable. But it is what Zimmerman says to his wife apparently in jest that is shocking.

In “Call #6” Zimmerman and his wife Shellie are discussing the logistics of what should happen if he made bail and what “our safety council” can do to help ensure their security.

ZIMMERMAN: We could have two cars. We could have two rented cars.
SHELLIE: That’s true. The one that we’re gonna drive in.
SHELLIE: So leave mine home.
SHELLIE: Get the one that we’re gonna drive in, and then get the SUV, I don't know if they black out SUV’s though (Voices blended, inaudible)
ZIMMERMAN: Doesn’t matter.
SHELLIE: Oh, okay. ’Cause you could always like lay down or something.
ZIMMERMAN: Yeah, exactly. Well, I have my hoodie.
SHELLIE: Mm hmm, mm hmm. So.

When Shellie advises that he “could always lay down or something” to hide from onlookers, Zimmerman said, “Yeah, exactly. Well, I have my hoodie.”And then you hear what sounds like an exhaled laugh. You can hear the exchange starting at about 12 minutes and 35 seconds into the call.

Words cannot even express how disgusting this is. An unarmed Trayvon was wearing a hoodie when he was shot and killed by Zimmerman on Feb. 26. That the neighborhood watch volunteer could even say “hoodie” is beyond callous.

But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. From the very beginning of this tragedy Zimmerman has shown poor judgment. He followed Trayvon even though he was told not to by a police dispatcher. He plotted with his wife to hide how much money they really had — while talking on phone lines they knew were being recorded by the police. This resulted in Zimmerman’s bail being revoked and his wife being arrested for perjury. And it was during one of these scheming phone calls that Zimmerman invoked his “hoodie” levity. Shooting from the lip is never a good idea when you’re accused of murder.