Ezra Klein zeroed in on the same paragraph in a Politico story about President Obama’s jobs bill and the agita it’s giving congressional Republicans.

“Obama is on the ropes; why do we appear ready to hand him a win?” said one senior House Republican aide who requested anonymity to discuss the matter freely. “I just don’t want to co-own the economy by having to tout that we passed a jobs bill that won’t work or at least won’t do enough.”

“Hand him a win?” Yes, politics is a game of winners and losers. Still, sometimes the problems that must be addressed by Washington demand that all players rise above partisan concerns to put solutions first. That’s not to say that the GOP should or will roll over for everything Obama wants. But with people hurting all over the country, you’d think Republicans would try to find ways to hand a win to the American people.

“Congressional Republicans really do believe that the election of a Republican president would do more for the economy than any policy the Obama administration might sign,” Klein writes, “and so maximizing the chances of a President Perry or a President Romney is simply good economic policymaking.”

Yep. That’s the calculus. And I get it. But as Obama said in his joint session address last week, “[T]he next election is fourteen months away. And the people who sent us here — the people who hired us to work for them — they don’t have the luxury of waiting fourteen months. Some of them are living week to week; paycheck to paycheck; even day to day. They need help, and they need it now.”

The attitude reflected in that quote from the senior House Republican aide suggests the people will indeed have to wait.