Failed former front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination Herman Cain was one of Barbara Walters’s “10 most fascinating people of 2011.” I have no quarrel with that. Cain and his unexpected rise to the top of the GOP presidential was eminently fascinating. As was his demise. And as you will see, Cain still believes that his glaring deficiencies weren’t the reason for his spectacular and expected implosion.

Of all the things Cain told Walters, his reliance on the race crutch to explain his demise was the most delusional.

WALTERS: Do you think any of this had to do with the fact that you’re black?
CAIN: Yes, because I happen to believe that the Democrats did not want an accomplished, articulate, optimistic black man to face President Obama. I can’t prove that, Barbara, but I do believe that.”

That response is a continuation of his epic blame-shifting that put the liberal media, the Rick Perry campaign, a vast left-wing conspiracy of anti-black-conservative racists and the “Democrat machine” in the cross-hairs. Compounding Cain’s troubles was the fact that he knew disturbingly little about the world he would command as president and was damned proud of it.

Look, the only way Cain’s comment might possibly be true is if this were 1996, the president in office was Bill Clinton and the “accomplished, articulate, optimistic black man” were Colin Powell.