Before going on vacation last week, I made an unconventional prediction about the unpredictable Herman Cain. After his Jan. 9 interview with Alex Wagner on MSNBC where he said he would make an endorsement on the eve of last Saturday’s South Carolina primary, I raised the distinct possibility that the former Republican presidential candidate could jump back in the race. Man, am I happy to be wrong.

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Alex, I’m going to make an announcement of an endorsement on Thursday before the South Carolina primary. But let me warn you, it will be an unconventional endorsement, underscore the word ‘unconventional.’ And here’s why. My priority is helping to solve America’s problems. Putting solutions on the table.

And here’s what Cain actually had to say last Thursday.

Here is my unconventional endorsement: not a candidate seeking the nomination, not someone that’s not running. My unconventional endorsement is: the people. We the people of this nation are still in charge. That’s who I’m endorsing. Because we are the ones that are going to have to lead this revolution. We are the ones who are going to be able to take our power back. I’m endorsing the people. The people who started this country. We have allowed the politicians to take it away from us. The message is real simple. This revolution is going to have to be driven from the bottoms up.

Of course, Marisa Bellack, my colleague who deserves a medal for enduring such a farce, was right when she wrote “[a]nd by ‘the people,’ Cain meant himself.” That’s what his improbable run was about in the first place, and that’s what this so-called Cain solutions revolution is all about. Herman Cain. So, as long as he stays on that big red bus and off the presidential stage, we the people will be safe.