Conspiracy theorists, no matter the evidence, will continue to argue that bin Laden is still alive and that the photos, taken by U.S. sources, are fake. The reaction on the Arab street to word of bin Laden’s death among Hamas and other radicals shows that they believe he's gone. Who are we trying to convince with the release of the grisly photos?

As for those who accept the accounts of bin Laden’s death, but who, either out of curiosity or hatred, want to see what the founder of al-Qaeda looks like with a bullet hole above his eye and his brains hanging out, I say satisfy your lust in your own way and on your own time. The U.S. government is under no obligation to do it for you.

I accept the word of eyewitnesses, DNA evidence and officials who have seen the photographs that Osama bin Laden is dead and gone. Tis enough, ’twill serve, as least for me.