We (read America) spent all day yesterday holding vigil over the presidential ambitions of Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R-Oops). Thanks to a brain hiccup during Wednesday’s debate, Perry, who has watched his savior status slip with each successive debate, now finds himself practically politically dead. All because he couldn’t remember the third federal agency he’d eliminate. Meanwhile, inexplicably, Herman Cain thrives.

Y’all are well aware of how I feel about Cain and his candidacy. But it bears repeating.

His sense of humor leaves a lot to be desired. The funny fella yesterday even made a joke about Anita Hill, whose accusations of sexual harassment against then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas took the issue out of the shadows. That incredibly tone-deaf move comes as Cain stands accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault. And as he does a really good job of aiding and abetting his own public humiliation through avoidance and craven blame-shifting. Above all else, Cain doesn’t know what he is talking about. Neither on domestic policy nor on foreign policy.

Cain’s campaign and the growing support for it are an embarrassment — for the Republican Party and for the United States. At the rate things are going, we might have to wait for the voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to bring some sense and clarity to the race.