(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The Post’s Dan Steinberg links to some of the sites where commenters have unloaded hate on Ward, who is from Canada. But be sure to check out Chirpstory for some choice invective from Twitter. Here are a few to ponder.

A n----- beat us in #OT Are you kidding me?

stupid n----- go play basketball hockey is a white sport

F---ing stupid arrogant, smelly, useless, waste of life, sad excuse for a NHL hockey playing N-----!!!!

Who let that n----- on the ice

Haha that n----- actually did something

Sickening. Only idiots — and cowards — hide behind protected Twitter feeds or fake Twitter handles to spill bile anonymously. And for what? A hockey game?! Ward, being one of more than 20 blacks in all of professional hockey, has heard this before, I’m sure. He’s probably used to it or doesn’t even notice it. And that’s fine. But that doesn’t make seeing such hate any less shocking or any more acceptable.

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