Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were there. So, too, were Bill Cosby and Anne Hathaway. They and many more were at the Kennedy Center to help honor Barbara Cook, Neil Diamond, Yo-Yo Ma, Sonny Rollins and Meryl Streep. But the buzz in the joint — at least among some  of us in Rows Z and AA — was all about the Gingriches.

Taking a break from the campaign trail and basking in the glow of his front-runner status in the GOP presidential field, Newt and Callista seemed rather chummy with the dreaded Washington elite swarming around them. But Hilary Rosen, big-time Democrat, CNN pundit and for whom I served as arm candy last night, tweeted out a noteworthy observation.

@hilaryr #kennedyCenter must not think Newt will get the nomination. He and Calista r many rows behind me in the double letters. #cantseePOTUSbox

Yeah, they were way under that upper deck, which made eyeballing the presidential seal and imagining themselves looking down at the rest of us impossible. There’s still plenty of time for all that. Back to the buzz.

Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and wife Callista arrive at the Kennedy Center honors (BILL O’LEARY/THEWASHINGTON POST)


As they walked by at the conclusion of the second intermission, I got a gander at the thing that has fascinated me no end about Callista Gingrich: her hair. On television and in photographs, such as the one above from the Nov. 12 Republican debate in South Carolina, it looks as if she is single-handedly keeping Aqua Net in business. But from a few feet away, it is more an awe-inspiring architectural marvel.

Not since I met the stunning Rosa Rai Djalal, wife of the Indonesian ambassador to the United States, had I seen such tresses so expertly done. If the bun on Djala’s ’do that night last year was reminiscent of an inverted version of Phillip Johnson’s supremely elegant Glass House then Gingrich’s “wing” brings to mind Eero Saarinen’s terminal building for Dulles International Airport just outside Washington, D.C.

How fitting for an aspiring first lady of the United States.