As the nation awaited Mitt Romney’s fate in Ohio last night, no one summed up the candidate’s overall predicament better than MSNBC’s Martin Bashir. To the witty British fella who anchors the 3 p.m. hour on the cable network, “Mitt Romney is the Prince Charles of the Republican nomination.”

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Mitt Romney could well be the Prince Charles of the Republican nomination for this reason. Prince Charles, by primogeniture, is expected to succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. And everybody said that Mitt Romney was the inevitable candidate. But guess what? Both those men are about 64 or 65 years of age, and Prince Charles can never make the step up. In fact, if you look at polling now in the U.K., any public polling suggests that most people would rather Prince William succeed his grandmother than Prince Charles, who’s been waiting all his life to succeed to the throne. That’s exactly what you’re seeing.

I think there’s a parallel here with Mitt Romney, who just can’t convince anybody because he’s emasculated by his past. He can’t praise his signature achievement. He’s embarrassed by his poor performance in the present. There are problems of connection. And over time, the longer this goes on, people become less interested in liking him, and his favorability rate drops. So, Mitt Romney is the Prince Charles of the Republican nomination.

The parallels are indeed amazing. Both are rich men. Both have been grooming themselves for quite a while to lead their nations. Both of them have become decidedly unpopular the more folks get to know them. That being said, both Romney and Prince Charles still have a shot at wearing the crown.