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Newt Gingrich is right — about Ron Paul

Y’all know that I don’t think much of Newt Gingrich. The former front-runner in the Iowa caucuses disqualified himself in September 2010 when he adopted the Dinesh D’Souza view that President Obama hates America and occupies his office illegitimately. But the former House speaker said something to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer yesterday that I agree with 100 percent.  

Well, first of all, as people get to know more about Ron Paul, who disowns 10 years of his own newsletter, says he didn’t really realize what was in it, had no idea what he was making money on, had no idea that it was racist, anti-Semitic, called for the destruction of Israel, talked about a race war, all this is a sudden shock to Ron Paul? There will come a morning people won’t take him as a serious person....

As a potential president, a person who thinks the United States was responsible for 9/11, a person who believes — who wrote in his newsletter that the World Trade Center bombing in ’93 might have been a CIA plot, a person who believes it doesn’t matter if the Iranians own a nuclear weapon, I’d rather just say you look at Ron Paul’s total record of systemic avoidance of reality, and you look at his newsletters, and then you look at his ads.  His ads are about as accurate as his newsletter....

I think Ron Paul’s views are totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American.


Gingrich may be the master of meanness (see, his comments on “really poor children” to get a taste for how mean), but this is one time I fully appreciate his penchant for rhetorical bomb-throwing. Ron Paul and the attitudes oozing from newsletters bearing his name must not win in Iowa.

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