Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich came to a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor this morning — his 36th Monitor breakfast! — and proceeded to explain that he is the outsider candidate, not a Washington insider. 

How’s that?

“I can’t thank the Washington press corps enough for the last week. It was impossible to watch television last week and not get the conclusion that I am not the candidate of Washington, D.C.,” Gingrich said.

Yes, it was a diabolically clever plan on Gingrich’s part to go on “Meet the Press” two Sunday’s ago and explode his nascent candidacy — all for the strategic purpose of proving, as Gingrich put it, “I’m not a Washington figure despite the years I’ve been here.”

Rather, Gingrich said, “I am the people’s candidate, not a Washington candidate.”  And he’s got the bad press to prove it.