Speaking of Sarah Palin, two weeks ago, I knocked her pushing her way back into the public’s consciousness after a relatively lengthy absence by joining Donald Trump’s birther madness. And you know what? It worked . . . sorta.

According to the recent New York Times-CBS News poll, which was done after Palin’s reemergence, the former half-term governor of Alaska, author and reality television star got a boost in her poll ratings. At the beginning of this year, Palin had a 19 percent approval rating and a 57 disapproval rating. Her lowest and highest ratings, respectively, since the NYT-CBS started tracking her. Today, her approval rating jumped to 26 percent (+7) and disapproval rating fall to 55 percent (-2).

But the NYT-CBS poll does not a comeback make. As I like to point out as often as I can — and as the above chart from Pollster.com makes crystal clear — Palin is going nowhere fast.