The Republican Party lost another white knight. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) announced this afternoon that he would not seek his party’s nomination for president. This shouldn’t be news since he has said over and over again that he isn’t running. But that hadn’t stopped folks from trying to push him into the race, efforts he thwarted with a pithy paragraph sent to Craig Gilbert, the Washington bureau chief of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

I sincerely appreciate the support from those eager to chart a brighter future for the next generation. While humbled by the encouragement, I have not changed my mind, and therefore I am not seeking our party’s nomination for President. I remain hopeful that our party will nominate a candidate committed to a pro-growth agenda of reform that restores the promise and prosperity of our exceptional nation. I remain grateful to those I serve in Southern Wisconsin for the unique opportunity to advance this effort in Congress.

Before Ryan made it officially official that he wasn’t getting into the race, Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller gave five really good reasons why the Republican congressman shouldn’t run. Ryan is a smart guy. He may have some radical ideas, such as turning Medicare into a voucher system that had Democrats swooning over the electoral possibilities,  but at least he has ideas to chew over. That doesn’t mean, however, that Ryan should run off to the Oval Office. Sitting this one out was a smart move.

So now the GOP must turn its eyes to others mulling a run -- George Pataki? Seriously?! -- or pretending to do so for as long they possibly can.