Yesterday, PostScript conducted a symposium on how happy we here in the Lamestream Media are that the game is irrevocably changed. The New World Order is still falling into place, but we have some important updates to the Old World Order, as seen in Charles Krauthammer’s column today and the commenters’ reactions to it.

Krauthammer describes the NWO as being very similar to the OWO, except that now the media can no longer obscure the truth about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Now, as Krauthammer says, media bias is totally impotent:

“Disappointed 2008 Obama supporters . . . watch Romney in this debate and ask: Is this the clueless, selfish, out-of-touch guy we’ve been hearing about from the ads and from the mainstream media? And then they see Obama — detached, meandering, unsure. Can this be the hip, cool, in-control guy his acolytes and the media have been telling us about?”

So now that the media can’t cover up the truth, we can believe them? It’s all so confusing! PostScript is here to help, and she, in turn, is being helped by Commenters, who are amazingly sure of themselves. We are now about to tweeze wheat from chaff, truth from lies.

Lie: Any suggestion that the race is not over, or that Obama might win. Truth: The race is over, and Obama — exposed for the empty suit he is — goes down.


Romney just about wrapped up the election last night. He was already ahead using any reasonable 2012 turnout numbers. Of course, you probably live in the lefty bubble, so you think Obama’s been winning.

Get ready for a POP! Next month.

Lie: Today’s surprisingly optimistic jobs report numbers (but not the previous 42):

The Floridian

Okay, let the truth ring out loud and clear. It is absolutely impossible for any sane voter to believe that an administration that has been responsible for a U.S. unemployment rate of 8% or more for forty-three CONSECUTIVE MONTHS suddenly reports just ONE MONTH BEFORE THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION that the U.S. unemployment rate is now 7.8% WHEN FEWER JOBS WERE CREATED LAST SEPTEMBER THAN IN AUGUST AND FEWER JOBS WERE CREATED IN AUGUST THAN IN JULY. The math doesn’t add up, but phony assumptions, lies and deception “Chicago-style” do.

Lie: Any suggestion that the debate will have impact on the election:


Obama leads by 4.9 points or more in 22 states and the District. Those combine for 275 electoral votes without any of the states where his lead is smaller. 271 wins it. This is a very steep hill for Willard M. Romney to climb in a single month.

Lie: MSM polls from before two days ago:


“Obama leads by 4.9 points or more in 22 states and the District.”

That is only if you believe the numbers which are distributed by pollers who are mostly members of the MSM — an extremely biased group (for liberal politics and President Barack Obama, in particular) which no longer even attempts to hide that bias. It seems they feel entitled to filter the news and influence outcomes as they blatantly decide what the consumers should and should not know.

True: MSM Polls since two days ago:


Amazing to see all these post downplaying the lackluster performance by Obama. Face it ... Obama was terrible. When MSNBC commentators, and most of the liberal media, praised Romney for his performance, is was not a good night for Obama. 60 million people watched this debate. CNN post debate poll shows 67 % feel Romney won ; 25% for Obama. Romney appeared Presidential and explained his positions in a clear and concise manner. And that is why he won. Look at the polls in the swing states today — Romney is closing in.

Lie: Any remaining differences between Romney and Obama:


From the debate, Romney = Obama.

gay rights — check

RomneyCare — check

MediCare — check

no tax breaks for the super wealthy — check


I intend to vote for Romney. I don’t believe he’ll implement conservative policies. It’s quite possible that he’s even more liberal than Obama himself. I knew all along that Romney will say anything to get elected, and I guess I’m fine with it. He’s a politician after all.

Lie: The entire media narrative since two days ago:


C’mon, people! this is a classic rough and tumble scenario. Remember Rocky? The good guy gets beaten into the ground by the bad guy. Then the good guy comes back to win a smashing victory made all the sweeter by his previous, ignominious defeat. Wait and see.

Lie: Any fallout from that 47% thing:


Romney said he was wrong about the 47% being lazy freeloaders. All is forgiven.

Oh, Lord. PostScript has suddenly realized she had not been factoring into her assessments the possibility of sarcasm! This could change the game entirely. If any of the above posters was being dryly ironic, the delicate balance between truth and lie might shift. The game might not be changin’. The first one now might not later be last. Tune in next week for . . . POSTSCRIPT WAS LYING LAST TIME BECAUSE OF SARCASM, BUT EVERYTHING SHE SAYS NOW IS TRUE.