The search continues for the REAL Barack Obama today in Richard Cohen’s column. Since up is down and love is hate and dogs are cats after Mitt Romney’s GAME-CHANGING evisceration of Obama in the debates last week, there’s now a scramble afoot to find out who our Crazytown New World Order president really is.

Cohen is somewhat skeptical of all this, alleging that Obama’s pretty much been an open book — indeed, his books, which PostScript has open right now, are pretty clear about everything. Cohen notes this, too, and throws cold water on the claims last week of the alleged identity-altering powers of the rediscovery of a five-year-old video everyone had already seen. (In it, as Cohen notes, Obama clearly appears to be staking out the personal identity of a black man.) It is pretty amazing how many uninhibited discoveries of new Obamas we have been seeing recently — including a damning critique of his policies from Dinesh D’Souza, who oozes out the observation that Obama’s deceased mom was unusually ugly to have been such a promiscuous slut. PostScript observes this to be 1) revolting; 2) logically suspect; and 3) revolting.

Commenters on Cohen’s story tend to agree with Cohen and PostScript that Obama hasn’t changed all that much; he’s still the same guy, for HUGELY better or GINORMOUSLY worse.

Carstonio, reacting to being told the real Obama is an anti-colonialist, shrugs:

Very strange that “anti-colonialist” is used as a perjorative. Apparently there’s something wrong with the peoples of Africa and Asia governing themselves, instead of being ruled by foreigners out to exploit the natural resources and labor resources. Didn’t we throw off colonial rule ourselves at one point?

Va029, reacting to hearing the real Obama is a socialist, (even though he isn’t) shrugs:

Unmask ?? The world already knows Barry is a Socialist.

wearycalls agrees. We’ve seen the real Obama for years:

The real Barack Obama was unmasked first by a plumber named Joe.

Tdstds agrees that the mask is off. We know who the guy is:

Cohen sees no need to “unmask” Obama. Cohen is therefore fine with Rev. GodDamn America Wright. Cohen is therefore fine with having commie advisors in the White House. Cohen is fine with everything Obama is about.

AnnaLee1 argues that there are lots scandals about Obama we’ve never heard of because they are too scandalous for the liberal media to report. In which case it doesn’t even matter who the real Obama is, since it’s forever a secret:

The Conservative world has come up with enough scandals on Obama that had he been a Republican, he would have been forced to resign. The problem for the Conservatives is that the liberal media will not broadcast or publish anything negative about Obama regardless of how true or damning it is.

egray1 has a prediction for when the real Obama WILL emerge,

suggesting we are still being duped by Fake Obama!

I think we’ll see the real Obama when he comes out hard against Hillary Clinton for the failures of Foreign Policy in Libya that led the murder of a US Ambassador; something that hasn’t happened on foreign soil since Jimmy Carter was President.

She’s so immersed in solving these complicated problems, she’s not going to know what hit her by the Chicago machine, and it’s going to be too late to respond before 11/6, other than to resign on 11/7.

See? All kinds of Obama realness that did not just blow your mind!

In fact, wearycalls denies even that the real Obama did badly at the

last debate. He did well! Ninja-style!

The real Barack Obama is so bored he purposefully got trounced by Mitt to make the race more interesting.