Today The Washington Post Editorial Board joins the ranks of Every Media Outlet And Random Person Who Talks on TV in calling on Mitt Romney to release his tax returns. They’re only going to get more attention the longer Romney waits to release them, opines The Post, and people have a right to know at least as much about Romney’s finances as they have about every other presidential nominee, especially since he’s running on being Super Business Man who understands these things better than everyone else. If we’re going to trust him because he made a hillion jillion dollars, we at least want to see his receipts.

The current media line is that Romney has to pay attention to this growing accountancy scandal because Even Rock-Ribbed Republicans (R-RR) are saying bad things about it. For example, Ron Paul, who would abolish the Internal Revenue Service entirely, thinks Romney should release the returns. Also Bill Kristol, who is Bill Kristol, thinks Romney should release the returns. Ronald Reagan, who is dead, thinks so, too, probably. And so on.

PostScript gets uncomfortable when debate gets so one-sided and even Republicans are criticizing someone they are not supposed to criticize this month. Surely, she told her vicious dog, Methode, there must be someone who still thinks Romney should keep his tax returns to himself. And, delightfully, Methode began pointing to the comments section under today’s editorial. There, PostScript and Methode found an absolute trove of people arguing that we should all leave Romney alone! Whew. She gathered up all she saw and has brought them to the surface so that everyone can know they are there.

So here they are. All the arguments in this comment thread defending Romney’s defensiveness.


Romney is correct to ignore the 10 year tax demand. If he concedes, there will be another demand cooked up by the Obama operatives, then another and another and another.


How thoroughly did WAPO vet BO? Did we get long expositions on his communist connections or Michelle’s sinecures at the University of Chicago?


It doesn’t look like Romney is hiding anything. The Democrats keep repeating this in hopes that people will believe he’s dishonest, when you have no evidence that Romney is dishonest.


This newspaper has never asked any presidential candidate for more tan 2 years of tax returns. As I recall, that is all John Kerry released & it shd be sufficient for Mitt Romney as well.

It seems that those screaming for more tax returns are only doing so for annoyance & not for any legitimate purpose. And you, WaPo, shd not be the enabler of this kind of conduct. You never inquired into anything in Barack Obama’s background & had you done so you might have spared all of us the nightmare of the past 3+ years.


Funny, no mention whatsoever of Obama’s tax returns... Has he made them public? If so, which years?

Verna Bittrick

I have no opinion one way or another on this issue, BUT, we have someone in the White House who has frozen every relevant record pertaining to his qualifications to be there, has surrendered his license to practice law, and has abstained or been absent for every single vote both in Illinois and in Washington which could possibly become controversial. His stupid remarks, such as 57 states which every 5th grader knows, are numerous and ignored by the major media whose reporting has become so biased that I refuse to get my information from then any more.


Of course the editorial board said keeping all passport records, academic records and proof of citizenship was not relevant but financial records suddenly are. Hypocrites all.


This election we’re going to want to know and scrutinize every detail of Mr. Obama’s life. Certainly, those two mythologies he calls memoirs have no basis in fact. What else did he neglect to tell us?

Hm. PostScript knows there’s something strange going on with all these arguments, but can’t put her finger on it. But look, Methode is barking and jumping and going nuts! What is it, boy?

Wow.We think Methode's right! Not one of those things is actually an argument as to why Romney shouldn’t release his forms!  It's all kind of “oh yeah? well what about . . .” formula, containing some misleading/false allegations (er, Obama HAS released his finances for many years) and other off-point generic political charges and myths. Charges that are equally applicable any and every time Romney looks bad. What a strange development.  

Equally strange, Methode did root and root until he found an ACTUAL ARGUMENT in all the pyrite.

Richardgrelber quotes the editorial, and supplies an answer:

“But Mr. Romney surely is capable of responding to any distortions.”

Clearly not. Consider: we know he had foreign bank accounts because they were in his tax return calculations — i.e: because he DID pay taxes on them, not because he didn’t. Had he not done so, we would never have known.

And yet, there are posters on the Washington Post website insisting he avoids taxes using foreign accounts. The general public does not understand US tax law on investments. They do not even know that US tax is global.

If he couldn’t help the public understand just one year of his tax returns, how could he handle, say, 10 years’ returns?

Ah. Well. As the man says, there’s a lot of misinformation out there.