It sure is an exciting day in the PostScript bunker! We have near-universal comment agreement for possibly the first time ever. Ever. It’s in response to Dana Milbank’s column about Grover Norquist’s resolute stance on taxes even after an election that would seemingly make his position more difficult. Norquist, activist and champion of not raising taxes, has a pledge that lawmakers sign promising to enact no new taxes. His mind has not changed at all, Milbank reports.

In the 2,000 comments posted so far, readers really, really hate Grover Norquist and accuse him of incredibly nasty things! PostScript, who was born and bred in the nasty-comment briar patch, at times wished she had pearls to clutch. It gets really amazing.

But first, the closest thing to Norquist defense we got. Some commenters espoused Norquisty ideas, or denigrated President Obama and the Dems, but nobody outright said they could tolerate the Norq.


Mock, jeer, taunt or ridicule Norquist all you want, liberals, as we move ever closer to the edge of the Fiscal Cliff. But, when we all fall off of it, you bloodsuckers who depend on the rich to subsidize your government handouts will hit the bottom hardest! We will see how many of you will be rescued by your messiah, Obama, as you scream in long, agonizing pain and stretch your arms (if they aren’t broken) up for help. Based on last four years, chances are that you won’t be!

Whew! Okay, that’s the best rhetorical defense available. What’s the worst rhetorical indictment?

Is it thaimex?

Grover Norquist is the Rasputin of our time. He’s enthralled all those czarinas in the GOP House, who don’t dare cross him because he has mystical powers.

Perhaps he’s the “third rail” that Republicans can now touch without frying — they can now free themselves of his malevolent blackmail.

outofthebox1 says no way. THIS is the worst rhetorical comparison:

The Germans had lost WWII in December 1944 but still pulled off the Battle of the Bulge to try to get favorable terms for surrender. Norquist isn’t that smart but he’s probably trying to get some kind of permanent win into law.

Rasputin and the Nazi government! Got anything more extreme, Flipper?

Norquist will not be happy until he has reduced America to the status and infrastructure of Yemen or Sudan.

The winner of the whole rhetorical extremist contest cannot actually be repeated here by PostScript, since it seems not to be based in truth nor expressed as pure opinion. PostScript thought this was a fun game of Internet hyperbole that could bring us all together, but the whole time, the game was playing PostScript.