So, it has come to my attention that more than a few people misinterpreted the last line of my post pleading with everyone to “let Hillary Clinton be.” I wrote, “While Clinton has a right to change her mind, I would have even more respect for her if she didn’t.” This one line somehow negated the 397 words that preceded it.

Clinton loyalists thought I was not-so-subtly telling the 2008 presidential aspirant to stay out of the 2016 race. Far from it. If the secretary of state — with a 66 percent approval rating — decides to run, great! But I want it to be her choice, done on her timetable with her best interests at heart. And right now, Clinton has made it crystal clear that at the end of this term she wants to go off to do her own thing after 20 years under the hot lights of American politics. If that’s what Hillary wants why can’t folks accept that — for now?