On a daily basis, congressional Republicans and their compadres seeking the presidential nomination should provide enough inspiration to the Democratic Party base to get it fired up and ready to go once more. If that’s not enough, then President Obama’s sustained efforts to take the fight to the GOP ought to be.

And yet it’s not.

As the clock clicked down on 2011, former labor secretary Robert Reich dabbled in “Hillary hallucinogens” or “Clinton crack” and wrote “My prediction for 2012: It’s Obama-Clinton.” He’s not alone. My colleague Suzi Parker at “She The People”blog relates an anecdote from Arkansas of a man telling former President Bill Clinton that his wife needed to be on the ticket in 2012.

This is a strain of that other annoying habit on the left: the pining for “President Hillary Clinton.” For both of these ailments, I agree with New York Times contributing writer Rebecca Traister’s admonition to its sufferers: Just shut up already! And I’ll keep saying it until this nonsense stops.