As you can see from the chart , with a 58 percent approval rating, the half-term governor of Alaska and 2008 vice presidential nominee is still popular among Republicans. But that's a 20-point drop since the St. Paul convention and a 12-point slide since October. The American people expressed their unfavorable view of Palin last October. The displeasure has grown since. The latest Bloomberg poll pegs her unfavorable rating at 60 percent.

Basically, the GOP is starting to catch up with the rest of us.

The new Post poll comes as a fight has erupted among conservative intellectuals on the power of Palin on the Republican Party. Matt Lewis asks, “Could it be that east coast elites are simply turned off by someone who doesn’t sound like they live in New York or Washington, DC?” No. It’s because said elites, like most Americans, believe Palin is neither ready for nor willing to do the hard work that comes with real national leadership.