The Public Policy Polling survey of Iowa Republicans should be a signal to Sarah Palin that if she gets into the race for the GOP presidential nomination it would be a fool’s errand. Her support among the broader American electorate has always been upside down. But support for her among the people who hoisted her to political superstardom is falling rapidly.

As David Weigel notes in Slate, in the June PPP poll, Palin came in second (15 percent) to Mitt Romney (21 percent). Today, the best-selling author and reality television star who quit halfway through her first term as  governor of Alaska after being the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee comes in fifth.

Rick Perry - 21% (+21)
Mitt Romney - 18% (-3)
Michele Bachmann - 15% (+4)
Ron Paul - 12% (+4)
Sarah Palin - 10% (-5)
Newt Gingrich - 7% (-5)
Herman Cain - 6% (-9)
Rick Santorum - 5% (+5)
John Huntsman - 3% (+3)

Weigel helpfully points out that Palin’s slipped standing comes after she blew into the state for the premier of the documentary about her and her rousing visit to the Iowa State Fair. I say rousing because of all the cheering in her latest bus-tour video, which announces an upcoming Sept. 3 visit to the Hawkeye State.

Palin’s trouble with the Republican Party is starting to reflect her long-standing problem with the national electorate. Since her disastrous television interviews in September 2008, the gap between Palin’s unfavorable/favorable ratings have yawned. According to, she now has an average 58.9 percent unfavorable rating versus a 29.9 percent favorable. With poll numbers like that, Palin isn’t getting anywhere near the White House. And we all know that that’s not what she’s up to.