What happened on June 16, 2011:

-Al-Qaeda announced that Ayman al-Zawahiri succeeded Osama bin Laden as leader of the terrorist group.

-Riots in Greece threatened to send the world financial system into panic.

-Congressional leaders and the White House let another day pass without raising the federal debt limit.

-The Supreme Court ruled that police officers must consider a child's age when deciding whether to interrogate him or her about a crime.

-Iran claimed to have launched its second satellite into orbit.

-Fire crews struggled to contain huge blazes in Arizona.

-Anthony Weiner, an unknown political figure outside of New York and Washington who hasn't seen one of the 191 bills he sponsored in Congress pass, resigned his safe Democratic seat as a junior congressman in the 435-member House of Representatives, the primary effect of which is that the average volume on the House floor will drop by a few decibels.

Which of these should you care about? Just saying.