Possibly the only thing we in the Lamestream Media like more than the term GAME-CHANGER is an actual occurrence of a change in the game. It’s freaking delicious when something actually happens after about a month of an election being on a steady course. We went nuts when John McCain chose Sarah Palin because it was a totally new thing to write about. We write about the thing itself, and then we write about all the changes to the game it represents. Everything is different now! Let me tell you all the ways!

(A game-changer also helps disguise things if our predictions are maybe not coming true. Of course we were wrong before! The game is totally different now!)

So despite our lockstep socialism here in Obama’s tank, we are utterly delighted to have ourselves a game-changer. Seriously, five more weeks of Obama up by around six points, and home free in the swing states? We might have to look extra close at old, discredited game changers. Who was the baby Barack Obama II born in Hawaii whose birth certificate they stole?

Now, it’s unnecessary.

Sure, since the conventions, Obama had been cruising along in the polls, not because he’s doing great — he’s not — but because Romney was terrible. Romney’s been comically evasive, refusing to explain financial details of policies everyone knows can’t work. He’s been awkward, getting caught on tape giving up on half the country, attacking entitlements and tax breaks that people happen to like. He’s made weird little jokes and laughed at them like someone you move away from on the bus.

But now! Obama totally sucks at debate, all feeble and irritated! He’s petulant. He’s tired. Romney is a human who isn’t just out for himself and his buddies! He makes recognizable jokes! Okay, he’s still not telling us policy details, but . . . the game has totally changed and we Lamestreamers are giddy with the possibilities!

And there will be totally new things to write about it tomorrow! Whoo Hoo!

But for the commenters on Matt Miller’s piece today, nothing has changed all that much except that Obama finally revealed himself for the shallow shell they always knew he was, and Romney is a flip-flopper. Miller writes that Romney won this debate, no contest, and he did it by totally subverting our expectations of him, with Obama unwittingly assisting by being, uncharacteristically, a lump. But the commenters always knew this of our heroes, and they’ve been waiting for everyone else to catch up:

mmarii knew it all along:

Four years ago, as a Senator Hillary Clinton Supporter, I mentioned that Obama was a Media Social Construction; he was inexperience[d]. For years later, he confirmed my comments. No Obama! He doesn’t deserve four more years!

jfregus did, too:

The country had an opportunity to see the way it has been run for the past four years last night — by an empty suit.

satxusa is only the slightest bit surprised, and moved to pity:

The only reason Obama even became President is because the public was only able to see the sycophantic image created for Obama, never the real Obama — the one everyone saw last night. A man who was always unprepared for the Presidency, a man who never really did any job, rather preparing only for the next job. A man who could only read other people’s words from a teleprompter.

Last night Obama couldn’t even articulate basic talking points. He looked unprepared, petulant, and small. I felt sorry for him.

He was always a poor choice for the Democrats. Hillary must be seething right now. She at least wouldn’t have disgraced the party.

Not all of the unsurprised people are in Romney’s camp! Obama supporter robertoj148 says Obama totally secretly won, by compelling Romney to publicly shake the Etch a Sketch:

I don’t know if Obama set Romney up intentionally or just by instinct. Romney stepped in it by presenting himself as a completely different person. He lied so much it gives Obama a load of fodder to use against Romney.

DrSepp goes halfway, saying that even if Romney won, he won by moving leftward, so liberals secretly won:

Last night I heard the Republican candidate for president vow not to reduce the tax burden on the wealthy, argue for preserving $700 billion for socialized health insurance, and boast of his ability to collaborate with Massachusetts Democrats.

If Romney keeps, uh . . . “evolving” this way, no one will be happier to see him elected than Democrats who have been hoping since 2009 for an occupant of the White House who is governs to the left of Richard Nixon.

scrim1 thinks this will come back to bite Romney with the conservatives:

I haven’t seen any members of the media interview the heads of some of the right wing Tea Party organizations as to what they thought of Mitt Romney’s performance in the debate last night.

He seemed ... more moderate to the American people.

Not many people suggested that last night was nothing more than a rare off-night for the president, and PostScript certainly isn’t. She likes game in mid-change. She is so happy.

PostScript thinks this might foretell another changing of the game, and she is so happy.