Thanks to Hurricane Isaac, Donald Trump’s star turn at the Republican National Convention in Tampa last month was scrubbed. But if The Donald is involved in anything, you just know that whatever it is you’ll find out about it eventually. And so it was this morning on the “Today Show.”

The Republican National Committee did a video with The Donald spoofing his role in his show “The Apprentice.” Here is where Trump would interject “the highly rated” before the show’s name. But I digress. Sitting behind his desk in his 26th-floor retro-chic Trump Tower office, the man who flirted with running for the GOP presidential nomination sits in judgment of an actor playing President Obama.

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During a performance review of “the president,” Trump hits Faux-bama on the promise of hope and change, on saying the “private sector is doing fine,” on driving up the deficit and on reminding everyone of the mess he inherited. At the end, Trump utters the line that would have set the Tampa Bay Times Forum on fire: “President Obama, you’re fired!”

Considering that Clint Eastwood was allowed to hit the stage with no script and an empty chair for nearly 12 minutes in prime time, the RNC and Mitt Romney should have found a way to give Trump his four minutes of (additional) fame.