Every once in a while PostScript just knows that a particular column on the Opinions page is going to be a barn-burner in the comments. Harold Meyerson’s column today is one of those. It’s a surgical strike, of the medical sort. It’s sharp like a hypodermic and eye-opening like atropine. Plus it’s about race and political parties, which always brings the heat. And it sticks it to one side without mentioning the flaws of the other. So, ka-blaam, comments.

Well, PostScript found a lot of comments — a thousand and counting — but they were actually pretty subdued, for comments on race, fervor, etc. Those who agree with Meyerson’s needle point — that the Republican Party is reaching back to its Southern white reactionary roots in this election — pretty much say “Yeah.” Not that they are surprised or shocked or can think of anything to do about it. Just yeah, I see that, too.

Those who disagree numbered far fewer, and extremely few of those had anything to say other than “No, you’re racist” or pointing out that Meyerson is a liberal. This shocks PostScript even more.

Meyerson says that the Republican Party is 92 percent white — a commenter puts it at 89 percent — and that makes PostScript uncomfortable for reasons she can’t exactly pin down. Obviously the most racially mixed party won’t be the best one necessarily, and there’s no overt racism in the party platform, though some of Romney’s ads are treading that brittle ice.

But PostScript just keeps coming back to the 92 percent. How can that be okay? It doesn’t mean that a party is necessarily evil, or anything, but that many white people make PostScript nervous. Meyerson ends his column by summarizing the party as old and white, and again, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

Is there?

So it surprised PostScript that nobody much in the comments had a similar struggle.

vinyl1 says that Romney’s strength in the non-South invalidates any argument that he is courting old racial biases:

Yeah, it’s so southern that Romney is already running nearly even with Obama in places like Michigan, Wisconsin, Oregon and Connecticut. These are the places that are thoroughly familiar with what the rule of liberal Democrats is like in practice, and they’re ready for just about anything else.

Newsouthwoman says she’s not a racist:

I am deeply offended by Mr. Meyerson’s characterization of the Republican Party as being a bunch of racist, Southern hicks. I am more the face of today’s Republican Party.

My Southern husband and I joyfully adopted our beautiful baby and race was no concern whatsoever. Nor was it or is it an issue now with our wide circles of friends, family, etc. The only time that race was brought up was by a social worker, who said it would be better for our biracial baby to be placed in foster care, with a single Black woman, rather than being reared with a mother and father who happened to be White. I said then, and repeat now, that that smacks of racism at its worst. Yet, that is the very attitude that the Democrat party holds today. Note that Mr. Obama is almost never described as biracial — he’s always “Black.”

tdstds says there’s diversity at the Republican National Convention — if not ethnic, then certainly geographic:

Last night’s GOP speakers included: Gov. Sandoval, from Nevada: Gov. John Kasich, from Ohio; Gov. Scott Walker, from Wisconsin; a Puerto Rican governor; Mr. Archueletta, a small business owner from NM; Ted Cruz, a candidate for Senate from Texas; Gov. Chris Christie, from NJ.

Some “Old South” GOP.

amazd maintains that a 92 percent white party isn’t necessarily racist:

Why should anyone need an excuse to belong to a political party that is mostly white? Anybody can join the Republican party and no one is excluded.

These are all reasonable and meritorious points, in PostScript’s opinion, and worthy of respect. Alas, pmendez ruins it for all of them:

Leftists have been using racist tactics to advance their power and extract TRILLIONS of dollars out of white Americans for over 40 years. For the past decade, they have been celebrating the dispossession and disenfranchisement of traditional white Americans and crowing about how we will soon be a minority in the country our ancestors built.

And now Meyerson is upset because white people won’t passively roll over and let their children’s future be given away to others?

Woooooow. PostScript . . . PostScript doesn’t know what to say. But she wonders what vinyl, Newsouthwoman, tdstds and amazd have to say about it.