Eddie Murphy arrives at the Kennedy Center. (Matt McClain/Post)

Eddie Murphy, king of comedy

Murphy didn’t tell a joke for almost three decades — until he came to the Kennedy Center to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Vester L. Flanagan, 41, a former employee of the Roanoke station, is believed to have posted videos online showing him shooting the crew.

A Duke freshman thinks ‘Fun Home’ is immoral. He won’t read assignment.

A Duke freshman thinks ‘Fun Home’ is  immoral. He won’t read assignment.

POSTEVERYTHING | He says his beliefs extend to pop culture and artwork depicting sex acts.

Whether or not Manafort’s flipping leads to Trump, it’s a triumph for the rule of law

Manafort had two choices for a chance at reducing his sentence: cooperation or a pardon. Cooperation is something all Americans can celebrate, regardless of partisan politics.

Trump’s false claims about Puerto Rico are insulting. But they reveal a deeper truth.

Unlike most U.S. politicians, the president doesn’t even pretend to treat the island equally.

Hurricanes are deadly far from the sea. How do we make the risks seem real?

It's not enough to inform people about category numbers and track lines.

Even progressive academics can be racist. I’ve experienced it firsthand.

They refuse to see me as a member of the professional and intellectual community.

Nike isn’t trying to be ‘woke.’ It’s trying to sell shoes.

Putting Colin Kaepernick in ads is branding, not social action.

Postmodernism didn’t cause Trump. It explains him.

Postmodernism didn’t cause Trump. It explains him.

Academic theorists weren’t looking to destroy truth, but to diagnose its collapse.

The Trump presidency marks the end of the American century

The U.S. has abandoned the alliances and values that once defined the liberal international order.

Trump wants to make the media ‘fair.’ He’s not the first GOP president to try it.

Conservatives love the idea of political "balance" — when they're in charge.

Democrats need to start taking voting rights seriously

Health care, jobs, cannabis policy, and corruption are all important topics, but too many of those who embrace these ideals are unable to actually vote for them.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell signs contract extension worth as much as $40M annually

The deal runs through 2024 with close to 90 percent of his salary tied to incentives. It is not clear whether it will be opposed by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who at one point threatened a legal challenge to an extension.


How two men turned a Google search and $100 into a hit podcast and a TV deal

Podcasts have been around for years, but have seen a rebirth in the past few years.


College grads face next hurdle: Paying back student loans

College grads face next hurdle: Paying back student loans

COLUMN | Many don’t know much about repayment plans or interest rates, poll finds.