Mitt Romney just can’t help it. He wants to be heard. And gosh darnit you’re gonna listen. I’m not talking about any of his stump speeches or off-beat, um, humor.I’m talking about his singing. Romney was at it again yesterday in Illinois, straining his vocal chords and our hearing with his rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

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I’m sure it’s a moment Kathy, the birthday girl, won’t soon forget. But she isn’t the only to be serenaded on her big day. Romney crooned to Gov. Nikki Haley (R-S.C.) just before the Palmetto State’s primary in January.

Haley got a much better singing-to than Kathy did. But they’re both lucky Romney didn’t burst with patriotic pride to belt out “America the beautiful” — as he has on far too many occasions.  

Above the fruited plain, indeed.

If you ask me, Romney does a little better when he talks through song lyrics — like an ageing singer who can’t hit the high notes anymore but you smile anyway remembering when they still had it. Unfortunately, Romney’s never had it, as his rendition of “Davy Crockett” shows.

Still, when it comes to singing, the big surprise of the season still is President Obama. I’m telling you, if our elections were run more like “American Idol” we’d be done by now.