America, welcome to the third and final presidential debate and the presentation of “Me Too, Mitt.”

How many times Monday night did Mitt Romney fuss and fume and mangle his talking-point attacks against President Obama before finally conceding that he agreed with the incumbent’s approach.

Name the subject: Libya, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan, trade, education and technology development at home. On each, Romney finally had to chime in with “Me too.”

Even the visuals worked against him. Romney’s smug look at the outset slid into a frozen, forced smile, perhaps masking the thought, “My goodness, when will this end.”

This time, Romney was the one looking down, making notes or something. It was Romney who struggled to regain his footing after being surprised by an Obama strike.

“I love teachers,” said Mitt Romney, the candidate who wants to kill the organization that represents teachers.

Romney, the manufactured. Romney, the phony.

He even referred to “my state,” Massachusetts, where he was governor. Where today he is now behind Obama by double digits. 

That said it all.