Folks, it’s Friday. My brain hurts from the week’s events and in anticipation of a weekend reading through the discovery documents in the case against Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman. So, I’m going to take a break and have a little fun by starting a new periodic feature called “This week in bad fashion.”

The idea was suggested to me after the response to my post “About Ann Romney’s $1K tee.” My dubbing the Reed Krakoff number “rather lovely and vibrant” was not universally adopted. But, see, that’s the thing. Fashion, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes it’ll be good. Sometimes it’ll be bad. And this week’s example is in firmly in the “bad” category.


The Event: Honoring the 2012 National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) TOP COPS.  

The Location: Rose Garden, The White House

The Evidence: According to the pool report, Obama was “in a light brown suit (almost khaki).” He was also in a white shirt and a yellowish or gold tie.

The Critique: The president is usually clad in more flattering and presidential navy with his tie providing that necessary pop of color. Not on May 12.

(Corey Pandolph)

Light brown is a no-no for those of us with Obama’s skin tone. A full-on khaki suit in what one of the first lady’s favorites, J. Crew, calls “wheat” would have been so much better. But it could have opened him up to being branded a wanna-be hipster. Or, worse yet, confirm suspicions that he’s a “metrosexual, black Abe Lincoln.” Cartoonist Corey Pandolph came up with that might look like. While not terribly presidential, it’s definitely much better than what Obama was sporting last Saturday.

UPDATE 3:15 p.m.: Readers are weighing in on my Facebook page. Some of my favorite responses:

Kamal Hoagland: to be honest, you can tell by his “chill gear” that the prez don't know what to put on lmao. but yeah khaki is best for us light brown dudes, true story.

David Siegman: Not to mention the pleated dress pants, dad jeans and all of his casual footwear....

Arialdi Miniño:The president's making bad sartorial choices ON PURPOSE. It's a subtle way to ward off further stigmatization. It's the only explanation that makes sense!

Astrid Fiedler: Say what you want, I think he looked elegant in the light brown. It's just that we're so used to seeing him in the darker colors. Then again, he could wear a paper bag.... He just looks good. Period.

Yvonne Durant: Never liked a man in a brown suit. It's sad.

Lauren Farrow: If they wanted to dis him, why didn't they call him the Black Gerald Ford?

Julie Cawley Barezinsky: I thought Obama looked great in that suit. As for Ann Romney's t-shirt, even though I'm not a fan of Ann by any means, I thought she looked great in it, far better than the runway cadaver who wore it in a picture I saw. It suits her. The colors are just right for her complexion, and her blonde hair.

Alice Barden: Mr. President looks good in whatever he wears, regardless of skin tone or fabric tone... looooooking goooood , loooooking gooood.