Time to put away the p-Op quiz and turn your attention to something less taxing: fashion. We all know that first lady Michelle Obama has superior apparel acumen.

Her husband? After President Obama’s brown-suit debacle last month, I’m happy to report that he’s back on sartorial track.

Truth be told, last month’s Rose Garden mishap was an aberration. For what we saw on the runway at Andrews Air Force Base on Tuesday was Obama’s typical tailored splendor.

The president was headed out west for a bunch of fundraisers in California and Nevada. One included a gathering of 600 gay men and lesbians in Beverly Hills, where he wore this week’s feast for the eyes. At a minimum of $1,250 per ticket, wearing this outfit — along with ending “don’t ask don’t tell” and coming out in favor of marriage equality — was the least he could do.


The Event: En route to Air Force One from Marine One.  

The Location: Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland

The Evidence: Blue suit. Blue tie. Blue-and-white striped shirt . . . with flag pin.

The Critique: The narrow spread of the collar perfectly frames his four-in-hand knot. The bold pattern of the tie pops and complements the light pattern in his blue shirt, as his navy suit jacket frames it all.

This is how a president should look. A symphony in blue. Commanding. And void of the “look at me trying to look springy” nonsense that got him in trouble with me last month. As Obama shows and every man should know, you can’t go wrong with blue.