Charles Krauthammer leads our offerings today, contending that President Obama can’t run for reelection on his record. Instead, says Krauthammer, his election strategy is to blame the rich. Eugene Robinson, though, finds the president’s would-be challengers even less credible. In the wake of the news that Donald Trump will host a GOP primary debate, Robinson can only shake his head at a “Republican contest [that] keeps getting wackier.” Michael Gerson looks at the new GOP frontrunner, Newt Gingrich, and concludes his impulsiveness and lack of discipline “are not the normal makings of a chief executive.” In foreign affairs, The Post editorial board warns Defense Secretary Leon Panetta sent the wrong signals to Iran when he outlined the cons of military action against the allegedly aspiring nuclear power, while Marc Thiessen fears how a nuclear Iran would threaten the U.S. And Alexandra Petri reacts to yesterday’s shooting at Virginia Tech.