Newtmentum rolls on in PostOpinions today. Michael Gerson derides the former House speaker’s warnings on sharia law as a “mortal threat” to the U.S. as another example of his “passionate embrace of shallow ideas.” E.J. Dionne and Carter Eskew both watched yesterday’s mini-debate between Gingrich and Jon Huntsman in New Hampshire; Eskew came away impressed with the ”free-wheeling” debate, in which, while Dionne felt “the “debate” this afternoon was not a debate in any sense.” As for Gingrich’s main rival, both Greg Sargent and Alexandra Petri thought that Romney’s now infamous $10,000 bet offer wasn’t actually a gaffe. Jonathan Capehart disagreed and noted that, regardless, Gingrich appears to be stregthening his lead over Romney by the day. Finally, beyond Campaign 2012, Eugene Robinson argues that the Durban climate change conference could produce important changes, and The Post editorial board worries that President Obama’s vision of post-war Iraq is unsettlingly optimistic.