Dana Milbank follows up his Tuesday column with a piece about the ineffectual House Republicans and their strange love of the movie “Braveheart.” At the Insiders, in a rare case of ”ditto,” Carter Eskew and Ed Rogers are both less than impressed with the House GOP as well: Eskew writes that they “have delivered the president and his party an early Christmas gift,” while Rogers warns fellow Republicans that the GOP difficulties are “creating a calamity for the party.” Greg Sargent, also watching the payroll tax fight, says Democrats are unlikely to back down this time.

On the campaign trail, Kathleen Parker writes about Callista Gingrich, noting that she “has trod where few others have dared — stepping out front to slay her husband’s foe.”Jennifer Rubin, though, disagrees with Parker’s contention that “the Gingriches have been admirably forthcoming about the transgressions that preceded their marriage.” Meanwhile, Harold Meyerson, Ruth Marcus and the Post Editorial Board all attack Newt Gingrich ’s proposal to use U.S. marshals to force “radical” judges to explain their rulings. Finally, Katrina vanden Heuvel reminds progressives that real change take a movement that lasts longer than one president, but “the need for a movement does not — and cannot — let those in power off the hook.”