Trump and Perry met for 30 minutes at the apartment before heading to dinner. “Kim Kardashian was having a fashion show in the lobby,” Trump said. Readers of Page Six today know that the two were at the Sherri Hill’s fashion week show. And then it was off to Jean Georges at the Trump International Hotel and Tower on Central Park West. The Donald proclaimed that Perry “said it was the best food he ever ate.”

“We spoke at length about everything” during dinner, Trump said. “I think that Rick Perry was very impressive and I like him.” The reality television star and real estate mogul said that Perry told him that “he was surprised by how fast he has risen in the polls.” And Trump said he thinks “the press is treating [Perry] unfairly.”

The meeting with Perry on Wednesday and the impending confab with Romney is in keeping with Trump’s status as a “must-do stopping point for all GOP candidates.” What’s interesting, says Trump, “They’re not asking for money. They are asking for my endorsement.” According to The Donald, the Republican candidates are coming to him because, “I represent a group of people who want to see this country great again and I get it.” Those folks particularly liked his message on China and OPEC. “Their streets are lined with gold,” he said, “and our streets are lined with potholes.”

“I have a big decision to make,” Trump said about a possible endorsement, assuming he doesn’t decide to run as an independent. But he’s in no hurry to give one. “Sometime after January,” he told me when I asked what his timetable is for a potential endorsement. “I like to make informed decisions and I like them to matter.” He has less than five months to decide. The first contest will be the Iowa caucuses set for Feb. 6.